Ayurveda Coordination Center of Europe (ACCE)
with the aim of supporting the dissemination of ayurvedic knowledge throughout in Europe.
Aim and tasks:
– to establish a central database on the status of Ayurveda in the countries of Europe,
– to create a strong link, a daily contact and a close cooperation between the ayurveda organizations, – institutions, companies, ayurveda practitioners and supporters throughout Europe
– which would strengten the status of Ayurveda in Europe,
– lead to new scientific and business cooperations,
– open new horizons, deepen and strenghten the status of Ayurveda in Europe.

Hosting of ACCE:
ACCE is hosted, founded and coordinated by the Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation PUO.
Chairman: Mr. István Riesz Dr. (Ayu. Hon.)
Address: H-1055 Budapest, Balaton u. 22-24., Hungary
Phone: 00361-331-4350, 331-2316, 353-1591
Fax: 00361-331-2316, 353-1591
E-mail: ayurveda@garuda.hu
Website: www.ayurveda.hu

Web database to be created:
Partner organizations would be requested to compile and supply data on following aspects of the status of Ayurveda in their country:
– ayurveda organizations, institutes, companies, ayurveda practitioners
– ayurveda products licenced and marketed in their own country (with licence numbers)
– contact details of licencing authorities of each country
– legal backgroud for Ayurveda and licencing of ayurvedic products in their own country
– customs rules and customs codes used to import ayurvedic medicines in each country (food suppliments, paramedicines, medicines, cosmetics, etc.)

Letter of Assignment by H.E. Mr. Ranjit Rae, Ambassador of India to Hungary:
acce-letter of assignment