I. part: 1990 – 2000
-Licencing and introducing Ayurvedic products (both human – 1991 – and veterinary – 1998 -) in Hungary
-To declare Ayurveda an official medicine in Hungary – Decree No. 40/1997.
-Preparing the education of Ayurveda at Hungarian universities – establishment of the Hungarian Ayurveda Medical Foundation, 1996
-Sending the first Hungarian physician, dr. Lilla Király to BHU – Varanasi through CCIR and in the scope of the Indo-Hungarian Cultural Agreement in 2000

II. part: 2001 – 2010
-Long-term health agreement between India and Hungary – signed 10th December, 2001
-Starting the post-gradual education of Ayurveda at 3 universities (medical, veterinary and agricultural)
-Establishing Pancha Karma health centres in Hungary
-Establishing an Ayurveda Scientific Centre in Budapest with library and Ayurvedic professeurs with 1 year scholarship
-Ayurveda beds in some Hungarian hospitals for curing chronic diseases
-At least 10 Hungarian Ayurvedic physicians must be educated, 3 out of it veterinarians
-Introducing Ayurveda in the eight neighbouring countries of Hungary

III. part: 2011 – 2020
-Education of Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha, at all 3 types of universities mentioned above „2014 Ayurveda Department at Debrecen University”-human
-Organizing Ayurveda Conferences in every 3 years
-Extensive scientific and commercial relationship with the eight neighbouring countries
-Normally working Ayurvedic ambulances and hospital treatment
-All Hungary Ayurvedic Congress as a scientific organization in close cooperation with the Health Ministry of India and Hungary, and with the All India Ayurvedic Congress
-Budapest as the most important European Ayurvedic scientific centre among the members of EU